Architect & Urban Planner

PhD in Urban Planning & Sustainable Development

Issam is a Canadian/Lebanese architect with more than 37 years of diverse experience in the Middle East and GCC region (Kuwait, UAE, Qatar). Issam has been an active lead in the design of many prestigious landmark buildings in Dubai. Issam has been the Project Director / Principal Design Architect with National Engineering Bureau (NEB) in Dubai for 18 years, from 2002 up until 2020. During his tenure with NEB, he has led the team on several flagship architectural projects, and this gives him varied experience across project control and leadership. His architectural design direction, touches & themes show across his award-winning project portfolio.

Issam has been ranked no. 40 in “Power 100 most influential Architects in the Middle East”.

Projects Work Experience


Towers/ Skyscrapers

Hospitality/ Hotel & Resort

Governmental Projects

Mixed use & Commercials

Private Villas


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