Ajman Freezone Headquarters

It is the one and only iconic business centre in the heart of Ajman Freezone area. The 43-storey offices with a typical floor plate of 1100 m² is conceived as 3 wing star offices spaces which afford spectacular views across Ajman Skyline and the Arabian Gulf Sea and towards the mainland. Splitting the floor plate into 3 wings allows for flexibility in the planning of each offices zone. Long span structure system was considered by the Architect for future expansion and adjustment to the 30,000 m² of offices stations.

The vertical façade lines are sweeping to take a cone shape with roof feature dome lighthouse. The roof top is the panoramic observation deck that set to offer relaxation and breathtaking views of the city and the surrounding skyline of Ajman. The two level base of the tower is all retail, F&B outlets and entertainment facilities to serve all visitors and staff. With a total built up area of 92,000 m², AFZH will be the central business hub to serve traders, businessmen and investors. The main entrance lobby is the central atrium to lead to the commercial zone and the central core where lifts are distributed to serve low and high zone levels. Functionality is not limited to business connectivity, visitors can enjoy several interactive features including the external landscaping and the water features. AFZH will accommodate a variety of lifestyle retails offering myriad of choices to staff and visitors.

*Disclaimer: The images and their related information provided on this website are projects that Dr. Issam Ezzeddine has designed/ or was involved in during his 18 years employment period between (2002 – 2020) with National Engineering Bureau (NEB) in UAE. Please check our disclaimer section.

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