Al Jinan Complex

IE has extended his expertise and design professionalism to North Africa. A 104,000 m² built-up area new Mixed-Use Complex of hospitality and retail in Rabat, Morocco. The project concept designed by Issam (Architecture Design Director) is a combination of Five star hotel connected to 3 levels of a high-end shopping mall. The central mega skylight is the main feature that will bring the outdoor natural light to the public areas and passages. Besides, the main plaza with landscaping, water elements & shaded features will be connecting all food and beverage outlets that overlook the plaza. The hotel is 6 levels rounded façade structure with its central courtyard that accommodate 199 keys rises as a quarter circle form connecting the mall via an eye-catching plaza. Below the ground, large parking levels including the back of house facilities and loading/unloading bays are set in positions to directly serve all upper-level facilities without an interface to the public. Carefully detailed interiors in all hotel public and private spaces, reflecting the contemporary scenic views, a modern grouping of custom furniture, as well as custom light fixtures.

*Disclaimer: The images and their related information provided on this website are projects that Dr. Issam Ezzeddine has designed/ or was involved in during his 18 years employment period between (2002 – 2020) with National Engineering Bureau (NEB) in UAE. Please check our disclaimer section.

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