The Candle Tower – Dubai Marina

Expertise: Residential – Luxury Units
Location: Dubai Marina, Dubai-UAE
Height: 2B + G + 3P + 45 Levels
Keys / Units: 415 units
Retail: 1200 m2
Building Gross Area: 655,000 sq. ft.

The 50 Levels Residential Tower in Dubai Marina is conceptualized as the Candle Flame Profile with its Gold Glass color. The 420 Residential Units are designed to be the most Luxury Units in the district of Dubai Marina. The kitchen & pantries are fully equipped with all types of appliances. The External Façade will be a LED light projected elements to emphasize the Tower form and its skyline. The parking levels are part of the Tower lower levels above the Ground level platform which forming the candle base.

The Candle Tower – Dubai Marina
*Disclaimer: The images and their related information provided on this website are projects that solely designed by Dr. Issam Ezzeddine (Architect & Urban Planner- Dubai).

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