Umm Al Quwain Authorities Headquarters

The design for the new Government Headquarter is required to express a new contemporary identity, while also incorporating the natural surroundings of the site. The G+3 levels area is based close to the seaside and the orientation of the building is to expand the offices area view towards the sea to embody the flow of nature, bringing it in to the working environment. The design concept, ranging from the sea side to the building itself, is forming floating shops facing the waves, again incorporating the natural surroundings. The outdoor landscaping is located on the top of the Podium and surrounding parking areas adding some greenery and open spaces in the cooler months.

The design presented to the client with 9 different governmental departments brings the natural elements to the forefront, yet still allows the building to be functional and suited to the day to day running required while still meeting the needs of the end users. Spaces in the venue have vast areas of transparency to bring the outside in, with the immediate external areas landscaped with greenery and plants, accompanied by a water feature.

*Disclaimer: The images and their related information provided on this website are projects that Dr. Issam Ezzeddine has designed/ or was involved in during his 18 years employment period between (2002 – 2020) with National Engineering Bureau (NEB) in UAE. Please check our disclaimer section.

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